"Older pictures are more honest."

 The POST-ART concept is built upon the idea of preserving the emotional power and beauty of the original works of art, but also to increase their personal impact by placing your face within them. A work of art is thus produced that will bring pleasure for generations to come!

  The photos are scanned and edited digitally.
The process is in a way comparable to classical oil painting or photolab technique. The tools and the procedures are still handicraft, although digital.

  The print technique in 21th century is digital. We print with Ink-Jet technique (W6400) on a coated artist's canvas with colorproof pigment colors. The Ink-Jet method gives a very durable surface but is varnished to give the ultimate lustre and final touch of complete illusion. The result is a dynamic and realistic print, hard to distinguish from a real oil painting and will last as long.

  We use the finest print and digital editing techniques in combination with our own skill and experience. Our commitment to quality ensures our customers a lifetime of delight and enjoyment.

Post-Art in Visby - studio, gallery and artist's home (article)




  "A portrait removes a person from the everyday world. It's a kind of magic... although magic was an everyday thing in the Renaissance era"...